Susan Cohen Thompson

Susan was born in New York City and spent her childhood in New York where her perceptions of art and nature developed in city museums. Art became her way to visualize the natural world. After earning a BFA in Ohio, Susan worked as a fine artist in the Boston area and now has her studio on Camano Island. Her connection with nature was enhanced by journeys deep into the Amazon Rain Forest and old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. Her art is internationally published in books and articles on Earth wisdom. The Lightcatcher Museum, Arts Alive Invitational, Anacortes Arts Juried Exhibitions, Schack Art Center, Matzke Fine Art, Scott Milo, and Smith & Vallee Galleries are among the regional venues that have featured Susan’s work. She delights in entertaining visitors in her painting and ceramic studios year round and as part of the Camano Island Studio Tour.

“My art is about connecting with the Earth. Living at the edge of a forest, I paint about inner feelings of nature, how water and trees and birds are interconnected. Everything is flowing into everything else. Separation is an illusion. Nature is our DNA.”