Susan Cohen Thompson

 Twenty-five years ago, I took two trips deep into the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador to discover a place where people and Earth were living in harmonious relationship with each other. I needed to heal myself from fear of the world and learn to change my cultural perspective to be more Earth honoring. Being from the city, my primary relationship with nature was peering into landscape paintings and displays in natural history museums. While in the rainforest, I listened as the heart of Earth spoke to me, opening an empathic channel to nature. In response, I promised the forest that I would communicate interconnectedness with nature through my artistic journey.

Now living here in the Northwest, my promise is still alive in my approach to life and art making. Working in clay, I focus on creating a body of work that strives to communicate the uniqueness of our planetary life as we travel through the cosmos on this fragile, beautiful, and numinous expression of sentient stardust.