Tom Mattioli

Tom is a self-taught painter inspired by the beauty of the Pacific northwest. Tom moved to the Seattle area after retiring from the Michigan State police. Tom developed a strong desire to create art while attending silent retreats which served as a place to refresh and reconnect from his career. Tom hopes he can capture for the viewer  the essence and mood of the region through loose brush strokes and soft light. His work is heavily influenced by his time hiking and artists who depicted a sense of mood in their paintings, feeling over form.

 Tom is drawn to the interplay of light and shadow in the Pacific Northwest and aims to convey those qualities of the region’s landscape and seascapes. Whether painting the foggy mountains, the expanse of the river valleys rainforest or rugged coastline Tom aims to capture the unique characters of each scene in the feelings it evokes the impressionistic style allows him to express the mood and emotions of the scene rather than focus solely on the physical attributes.

In his art he strives to evoke a sense of timelessness and connect the viewer to the beauty of the natural world he believes that the Earth and art has the power to bring people closer to nature inspired deeper appreciation for the environment.

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