Tracy Kay Felix

To me, non-representational art should have a strong sense of purpose. Paintings need to be about something. I consider my work to be abstract expressionist. My paintings are built in layers of color, texture, images and mixed media when it supports my concept. I feel strongly that creating a feeling of depth is important – both visual and of meaning. My art can be viewed literally or symbolic of larger ideas.

I am an experimental process painter. I love to find new and unusual ways to make my paintings unique. Although I start with a concept, I allow the process to unfold. Being in an open creative state allows for inspiration. My work is done in series, which means I will rotate multiple canvases through the stages from beginning to end. This allows for implementation of ideas and methods to come together in a cohesive body of work. The individual paintings act like chapters in a book. Sometimes one of these will become an “outlier” and can act as the stepping off point for the next series.