Wendy Rader-Konofalski

Wendy Rader-Konofalski is an artist based in Kirkland, Washington. She regularly shows her work at numerous venues in the Seattle and Eastside areas. Her medium is predominantly acrylic on canvas often using collage and mixed media materials.  She paints abstract works and landscapes as well as mixed media works with inks and collage on paper. She is known for her colorful palette, and energetic and bold brush strokes. Her landscapes often push the borders between the natural and the abstract.

Wendy started painting later in life quite suddenly after retiring in 2018 from a career in labor advocacy.  She will tell you that her artistic breakthrough despite no training, no particular artistic experience, may be due to oxygen deprivation to her brain during a brush with death and seven weeks in the hospital in 2019.  “It sounds bizarre, but perhaps that experience worked a form of magic on my brain that opened up a portal into parts of my creativity that I never knew existed. It also may have altered my sense of time as an essential partner in the urgency of the moment.”